The Pioneer of the Indian Auto Revolution: Maruti Suzuki Cars

The Fiats and Ambassadors were no longerseen dominating Indian roads, as the Maruti car touched down on Indian roads with its indigenously built small car. Back then, India turned out a total of only 40,000 cars every year. Today,Maruti Suzuki alone makes 1.5 million Maruti Suzuki family cars every year. That’s 1 car every 12 seconds!And a whole lot of responsibility on plant managers.

Maruti’s revolutionary manufacturing facility at Manesar, India.

Maruti carsare revolutionary cars that have delivered great performance, efficiency and environment friendliness combined with a low cost of ownership. Maruti Suzuki’s Manesar plant is also nothing short of revolutionary.

The Maruti Suzuki Manesar facility is one of Asia's most advanced auto hubs, and spreads over 600 acres.It houses 3 fully-integrated plants, with an annual manufacturing capacity of 5.5 lakh cars.The fully robotized Weld and Paint Shops are a delight to work in and watch. The area dedicated to the paint shop alone, is more than 1000 sq. mt. At Manesar, production tact time is 42 sec / car totaling 7 lakh diesel cars annually. This is made possible by an 18-hour daily work schedule in 2 shifts.

The Current Situation

The press, weld and the paint shops at the Maruti Suzuki Manesar plant have a high degree of automation and robotics. In plants of such high precision and high capacity manufacturing, it is imperative to have a high degree of automation. Minimal human intervention is a must to keep the facility as error-free as possible; and have the proper number of in-built checks to ensure flawless functioning and delivery.

The three Manesar plants have all the in-built quality checks and systems at the right points to ensure that cars being manufactured here are of top quality. There is a high degree of automation and robotic control in the press shop, weld shop and paint shop to carry on manufacturing work with precision and higher quality. Areas where manual operations are challenging and difficult are supported by automation and robotics.


The Need

To have an overarching, top level area control system to monitor the performance indicators of the three highly automated shops.

The Solution: Paint shop tracking and equipment control system by Maestrotek for maximum performance

Maestrotek worked with Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.for paint shop tracking and equipment control system through the main contractor NKC,Japan.

The paint shop tracking and equipment control system is custom-built to perform the following to the maximum perfection possible. This is to ensure a high degree of production control, fault control and data management, through real-time live feed of data.

  • Track each vehicle /product / batch on the manufacturing line
  • Provide model / variant information to each equipment in the production line
  • Provide history of vehicle / product-batch for traceability
  • Fool-proofing of operations and components going into the product
  • Online production information: e.g. Target Vs. Produced Vs. Diff(what is diff?)
  • Online production information for Just-in-time Material Planning

The complete ACS plant solution includes

Our system, controls the 2 floors of the plant right from welding to the Top coat 1 and coat 2 in the Paint Shop.

System specifications:

  • Oneredundant server, with12 Mitsubishi PLCs -Q series which interfaces with the Robot Control PLC.
  • Sevenclients are connected to the servers,which integrate with the ERP (Oracle) system
  • Andon systems, whose results are displayed on the large 42’’Andon displays are used. Andon systems are production, quality control and monitoring systems that support the manufacturing process of plant management. Andon systems helps to classify downtime and perform root cause analysis.

With the help of these systems we can perform the following tasks:

  • Online OEE monitoring
  • Vehicle history reporting
  • Ratio monitoring & reporting
  • Shop level & line level analysis of
    • Operation efficiency, down-time tracking
    • Equipment effectiveness
    • Model wise & overall production quantities
    • Work order management
    • Scheduling
    • SPC module
    • Central recipe
    • Track & trace

The following list enables us to calculate zone wise efficiency (OEE) of the complete batch.


The SCADA screen shows online production and status on 42’’ display using the Andon process.


*If requires, please add below system architecture in reference.

The Result

The ACS has ensured there is tight control and monitoring of the entire manufacturing process in the three shops of the Maruti Suzuki, Manesar plant. Due to this there has been a remarkable enhancement in plant performance. The rise in efficiency and productivity has been noticeable.

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