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Machines from different manufacturer often don’t speak the same data language, when they are on different technology level, As an open platform for the collection, processing and transmission of data in the immediate production environment, We work together with customers and partners that intuitively responds to the needs of people and Automation Industry and helps customers to better use resources from the macro to the micro level, from physical products, components and systems to connected, cloud-based digital offerings and services

Maestrotek has successfully delivered automation intelligence to many renowned companies in the automotive, pharmaceuticals, packaging, printing, and textile domains.

Customer First

We are driven by the desire to identify, understand and satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers. As a technology solutions and engineering partner, we play an important role in our customer’s success. We take this faith placed in us seriously and provide them with superior value through our global presence and commitment to quality

Solutions We Work with




Data Management



Being a cutting-edge technology solution provider company, Maestrotek expertise lies in the integration of different products to transform it to a comprehensive solution suitable for the applications in industry. The Integration of products consists of Industrial grade hardware (for industrial and harsh environment) with the Customized OS (for better protection against system crashes and unauthorized access) and the application software (exactly tailored for the application) along with Industrial Networking Products.

This is to achieve the required data analysis, control, and connectivity to upper layer system like MES, ERP.

Work Philosophy

Maestrotek believes in practising strong fundamentals and core skills that lead us to improve, innovate and inspire – ultimately leading to a satisfied customer.

⦁ Intelligence : To leverage the power of PC technology to the fullest, to make the machine more intelligent so our customers can reap its benefits over time.

⦁ Flexibility : Our automation solutions provide maximum flexibility to the user, allow them to choose their own control hardware. We promise- “Let your control hardware be of any make, our automation solutions talk to all.”

⦁ Latest technology : Mastering the latest PC technologies in the minimum lead time, helps us to offer cutting-edge solutions to our customers, every time Staying ahead of the curve, is a win-win situation for you and us.


Prasad Khadilkar

Director- Technology

With a vast international exposure, Prasad is a brain behind innovative automation strategies, Maestrotek built for its clients.

Prasad has more than 18 years of experience in the Factory Automation space. Before starting out on his own, He worked with Mitsubishi Electrical India (Formerly Messung Systems Pvt. Ltd.)for 11 years as Servo & Motion Products Head.

Prasad holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics from Pune University

Yashodhan Upadhye


Yashodhan is a project management backbone of Maestrotek.

Yashodhan holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical from the University of Pune. Yashodhan worked at different world-renowned organizations in the field of Industrial Automation and CNC. Yashodhan carries a 14 years of experience in Technical Support, Sales and Marketing in the Industrial Automation field.

He has earlier worked with FANUC India and Mitsubishi Electric ( Formerly Messung Systems Pvt. Ltd.)

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